VIP Operations Intensive Session


Our VIP Operations Intensive session will work to

  • Alleviate overwhelm
  • Achieve clarity on your business operations and the foundations of your business
  • Identify your priorities to achieve a streamlined business set up
  • Provide you with an actionable roadmap to take you there

During this 4-hour session and operations audit, we will discuss your business objectives, vision and goals. We will also examine the inner workings, to determine what is and isn’t working optimally to support your aims.


 From then, we can customise a strategy to address these areas and advise on the resources required to realise your objectives.

The VIP Operations Intensive

To Begin our VIP Operations Intensive we will have:

A 4-hour virtual strategy call or in-person session over lunch at my private member’s club in London.

An assessment of your vision and 12 month goals followed by a strategic action plan to address operational gaps and issues. 

This includes mapping out your workflows, highlighting the processes and systems that are required to achieve operational excellence. Ensuring you have tech systems to implement for automation and efficiency in your business.

The Session includes:

  • Reviewing your business vision and goals
  • Auditing your current business operations
  • Carrying out a gap analysis on your processes and systems
  • Mapping out visual workflows for your streamlined business operations
  • Making Tech and Team recommendations
  • Implementation plan as a roadmap to execution



Is this session for you?

Is this session for you?

Is this session for you?

Do you

understand that good business operations are the backbone of your business key to developing your business?

Are you ready

to gain clarity on your business operations?

Does your team

have the ability to implement but require a clear plan of actionable steps?

Are you prepared

to work with with an accountability partner to stay on track?

Are you passionate about driving growth and taking your business to the next level?

If these questions resonate with you, then our VIP Operations Intensive is the service for you!

And Action...

You will have a gap analysis report and a bespoke implementation plan to execute the points covered in your strategy session.