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Mel Schilling

TV Presenter | Coach | Speaker | Author

We're a Married At First Sight star's secret weapon!

Mel Schilling is a highly recognised and respected coach, tv presenter, speaker and consultant with over 20 years experience. You might recognise her from Married at First Sight!

She originally came to us for a launch project for one of her online programmes. We helped her to develop the programme from start to launch so that she could show up confidently without worrying about all the backend business, enabling her to launch with ease.

After her launch project, the working relationship continued and Mel is supported by us on a monthly basis, ensuring that we not only run the backend of her business, but equip her with the tools and strategies to support her continued growth and leverage her success.

Mel is able to dedicate her time to her zone of genius knowing that our team of experts are on hand to support her and run the back of the business for her. She is now able to focus on the parts of her business she loves without the worry of all the moving cogs behind the scenes.

So Mel not only saves between 30-40 hours a month being supported by us, but she’s able to step into her power by increasing her visibility, grow various revenue streams and be fully supported as her business goes from strength to strength ensuring longevity in her success.

A Sunday Times Best Selling Author said that I was ‘The BEST investment she’s ever made’!

Anna Mathur is a Psychotherapist, Sunday Times Best Seller, Author, Podcaster and Speaker who is passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room and supporting other mums.

After 6 years in business, she felt like she’d never had a business strategy or plan in place and often felt like she was ‘winging’ it! She was overwhelmed by all the moving parts in her business. 

By investing in herself and her business, Anna was able to step away from her business to look at all the different elements of it. We were able to audit her current processes, identify gaps and create an action plan to explode Anna’s business growth further with ease.

She left the strategy day feeling empowered, excited and full of clarity. She was looking forward to forming a business that worked well for her and not the other way around!





Anna Mathur

Psychotherapist | Author | Podcaster | Speaker

I love Siobhan’s approach, she gave me clarity and focus where there was none, at a time when I needed some real momentum!

Cant wait to work with her again soon!

Katie Crooks 

voice coach

Female founders owning their genius!

Terri Lundberg
Terri LundbergDigital Marketing | Lundberg Entertertainment Group
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"Siobhan and her team assisted me by setting up the client workflow. From lead generation to client onboarding and client relationship management systems. She and her team were easy to work with and very knowledgeable in the areas they were assisting me. They were open to educating me and giving feedback on the best practices in utilizing the tools they set up for me. I enjoyed working with Siobhan and would be open to working with them again on future projects."
Anna Machin
Anna MachinGovernance Consultant | Lead To
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"Siobhan supported my organisation through a full review of the business operations with a focus on some core processes. The session was so much more than I thought it would be - Siobhan took the time to get to know my business, my motivations and goals. She also provided valuable, practical advice from her own experience of being a female business owner. Through Siobhan I've also found two fantastic assistants and my only regret is not having invested in this sooner!"

Emmie Faust

Business Advisor
Female Founders Rise

“Siobhan is fantastic and I have done quite a bit of work with over the years. Very driven, great to work with and I have one of her tech experts who has been a great help!”

Nadya Gulyiyen

Foot Health

“Siobhan is very professional, giving a lot of advice, ideas and plans to be successful in your business. Thank you!” .

Bev Shah

Founder and CEO
City Hive

“Siobhan is a valuable part of the team. She is a pleasure to work with and an integral part of our success.”

I’m grateful to Siobhan and team for helping me explore growth strategies for my online wellness & fitness business. And like Siobhan herself, I’m also a busy mum juggling it all – so it was a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who really got it. The initial strategy session with Siobhan was super helpful – it helped me clarify the 3 growth areas I felt needed attention at the time. I learned a lot during the project process which helped me decide where to best spend my energy. Siobhan’s follow-up coaching calls & advice helped me break through my frustrations and try new things I hadn’t yet considered. I’m usually a one-woman show wearing all the hats – so it was great to have a team to work with and bounce ideas of for the project period.

Pieta McCrum

Founder, BodyByPieta