Our business packages are designed to take you to the next level.

Strategise, Systemise, Launch! It’s time to gain clarity, organise your operations or finally start that new business venture you’ve been pondering.

Calling all passionate entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to new heights! Our 360 Business Blueprint service will give you the clarity and focus to take your business results to the next level.

We will examine the inner workings of your current business set-up, to determine what is – and isn’t – working optimally to support your aims. 

We can then customise a bespoke strategy to address areas of improvement, advising you on the tech, resources and actions required to realise your objectives. 

what's involved

  • Intensive business growth audit: A 3-hour deep dive with Siobhan, in person or via Zoom, to fully understand your business’s current state and future potential.
  • Bespoke 90-day strategy: Tailored strategy framework designed to propel your business forward in a focused and efficient way.
  • 3 months of accountability (in the form of bi-weekly mentoring sessions): Regular sessions with a Business Strategist and Mentor to keep you on track towards your goals.
  • Voxer support: On-demand access for real-time troubleshooting and support as you implement your plan

360 Business Blueprint

£2,500 / 4x £625

Plus VAT

Time: A 3-hour strategy day either via Zoom or in person our private members club & 3 months of Mentorship support and accountability

Our Optimised Operations project is for visionary entrepreneurs who want to get their operations in order and prefer to leverage skillsets and have their very own plug-in operations team take care of things to make it happen. Work with your very own Certified Business Strategist and resident tech experts and let them take care of the whole execution of your bespoke strategy plan. Integrating new software and workflows to ensure your business operations run at optimal performance. You can sit back and enjoy the freedom to focus on exciting new opportunities and the parts of your business you love best!

Streamline your operations 'Done For You' Project


*payment plans available

what's involved

  • 2.5 hours business growth audit (via Zoom)
  • 4-Month project – Mapping workflows, full system set up or streamlining your existing systems, creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all processes, recording training videos for team
  • Complete system set-up
  • Creation of a Project Management space to house all of the Project tasks in readiness for your implementation
  • Ongoing Slack troubleshooting space for admin and tech support for the project duration
  • Monthly 1-1 Consulting calls for the project duration

Streamline your operations 'Done With You' Project


*payment plans available

Optimised Operations

£6,000 / 4x £1,500

Plus VAT

Time: 2.5 hour business growth audit (via Zoom) and 4-month implementation project

‘Done For You’ launch management project

Map out your launch with your very own Certified Launch Strategist! We take away all of the headaches of launching a new products, service or programme with our plug-in operations team taking care of all of the creative, content, technical and marketing elements, project managing the whole process to help you achieve your launch goals in a sleek and professional way.

Empowering you to create a new revenue-generating vertical for your business that your audience will love.

  • Full Project Management from lift-off to launch
  • Upload, schedule and action all task management in the Project Management tool.
  • Building any required launch platforms
  • Designing all graphics, content and marketing materials
  • Landing page creation with specialist copywriting
  • Lead magnet design (if required)
  • Creating sales funnel and high-converting email sequence
  • Design modules and create workbooks.
  • Implement social media strategy, copy-write all captions, create graphics and schedule to platforms.
  • 2 months post-launch support with the tech team via slack for tech troubleshooting
  • Monthly 45-minute 1-1 consultancy calls for the project duration

Launch Project
£7,000 / 4x £1,750

Plus VAT

Time: 4-month project. (Includes 2 month from lift-off to launch and 2 month post launch support

From £500 pcm

Plus VAT

Your Plug-in Operations Team

Growing businesses are like children, they need love, care and attention… as well as sometimes being put in line! So, once we have worked with you to streamline your systems and processes so you can onboard more profitable clients easily, or we successfully launch your new offering we are still here to be your plug-in operations team to ensure your continual and seamless business growth.

This is perfect if you:

  • Want to focus your time on proactive tasks
  • Need your sales funnels set up
  • Require your online course platform updated
  • Need help with content creation, copywriting and social media management
  • Feel lost when it creating graphics and presentations for online content and launches
  • Spend core time on income generating activities
  • Do not enjoy using tech or are too busy to learn
  • Feel more assured having an expert to maintain and update their processes and tech
  • Are in urgent need of tech support
  • Want your own wing-woman to maintain and manage your systems

Growth Orchestrator

Working with me directly is like having your very own Mentor, Strategist and Director of Operations who can take away all the operational headaches of running your business.

In this bespoke and truly unique offering, I will work with you 1:1, focusing on making your business dreams become a reality. I will be your wing-woman, running your day-to-day operations so you can step out of the management and into the role of CEO. Let me help you work ON your business instead of in it, so that you can maintain a a business/life balance. 

Together we will focus on key areas such as projects, launch management, team management, crafting standard operating procedures, and revenue-generating activities such as book releases and podcast launches which include implementation of ongoing business development, strategising and monitoring metrics. I will be your very own Strategic Advisor, at the helm, advising and supporting your growth.

I only work with a very select number of 1:1 clients, to provide the best service and dedication possible, this service is via application only.

From £1,997 pcm

From £997 +VAT

Data Dashboard

Calling all visionaries! You’re not just running businesses; you’re crafting products and services to create a real impact in the world. We get it, and that’s where our Data Dashboard service comes in. Imagine having a magic lens that brings the most crucial aspects of your diverse ventures into crystal clear focus. 

Think of our Data Dashboard as your business’s beating heart, always keeping you in the loop. No more getting lost in the weeds of data or feeling out of touch with your own ventures. With our real-time insights, you’re always on top of things, making decisions with the confidence of a pro. It’s like having superpowers, but for business.

This is for ambitious entrepreneurs who:

  • Dream big and diversify: Juggle multiple interests with confidence and control.
  • Crave data-driven decisions: Want to make informed choices based on solid insights.
  • Seek simplicity in complexity: Desire an intuitive way to navigate complex data.
  • Value time: Need efficient tools to maximise productivity.
  • Aiming big: Are ambitious, growth-focused, and driven by innovation.
  • Believe in team power: Understand the value of bringing their team along on the data journey.

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