sTREAMLINE your business for success

Specialising in helping women in the public eye diversify their income streams with streamlined operations.

We enable high profile female founders to show up and shine by implementing strategic planning, organised systems and structured processes.

the mears collective - siobhan
the mears collective - siobhan

sTREAMLINE your business for success

Specialising in helping women in the public eye streamline their business operations.

We enable high profile female founders to show up and shine by implementing strategic planning, organised systems and structured processes.

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Streamlining your
operations, one system
at a time.

Streamlining your
operations, one system at a time.

Want to grow your business and spend time doing what you actually enjoy, but feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

Does this sound like you?

You’re at capacity and feeling the stretch.

  • You are too busy to focus on exciting opportunities.
  • Your processes feel haphazard and manual.
  • You have all the software but have no idea how to use it.

Ultimately, you are trying your very best but you’re now holding your business back!

Stop, catch your breath. Now, take a sigh of relief, as helping you to systemise your business for success is my speciality. Think of me and my team as your bespoke plug-in business support specialists, your right-hand wing women, championing you and your business to be the best it can be!

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Integrate your operations, increase profits,
and achieve your business goals.

As a visionary entrepreneur, I bet you miss the days when you could just focus on the parts of the business that filled you with passion and made you feel like you were in your flow state of excellence. But, let’s be real, as you grow and scale your business you need to take on other elements of business growth that don’t always bring a sense of joy but, as the saying goes “it’s all part of the process.”

And it really is! Your business processes are a crucial foundation that enables you to build a sustainable and scalable business.

Once in place, you will reap a whole range of benefits and be able to see a clear path to success.

Save money & increase profits

They say time is money, and when you have all the right foundations in place, that really becomes true – yes, even for you, busy business owner!

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Leverage & lead your team

Take on new team members, leverage their expertise and empower them to take on more responsibility.

Gain more time & freedom

With streamlined business operations, you will have the capacity to spend more time working ON not IN the business and doing what you love.

Speed up your growth

With the right foundations in place, you will be ready to attract and onboard more ideal clients and implement new revenue streams.

Focus on your zone of genius

You will gain more time to focus on exciting projects and opportunities to achieve your business goals.

"You will shine when you
focus on your zone of genius ."

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Lets build a world full of thriving, supported women

Having worked at global corporate organisations, I spent most of my career seeing how a focus on supporting talent resulted in their success. Whilst supporting CEOs, high-level board members and c-suite executives I saw how creating simple but effective systems, processes and procedures enabled people to achieve more, much more!

Now I bring all that ‘big business’ knowledge into your company to create processes that give you back your time, reduce overwhelm and help you streamline in order to scale without complication or stress.


Business packages designed to take
you to the next level

Let’s make your business thrive. Whether it’s polishing up your on-boarding process to WOW your incredible clients, documenting standard operating procedures, systemising how you bring in new team members, keeping client projects running efficiently or launching a new product or service to your business – we have the expertise to project manage your operations to get your business to the next level of performance.

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Let's look at your vision and what goals you are pursuing. Then plan the systems, processes and procedures we need to design, build and implement in your business to help you achieve them.

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Explore what combination of tech and teams we need to integrate into your business to alleviate your time and get you back into your zone of genuis in order to scale.

Being a business owner is not the same as being a business operator, so we support you to focus your time on high-value business growth and income-generating activities


Quarterly Planning: Setting Goals and Priorities for Your Business - 6 Key Steps

Quarterly Planning:
Setting Goals and Priorities for
Your Business - 6 Key Steps

This guide is designed to enable you to make an actionable quarterly plan, focusing on goals that will move your business forward and achieve the success you desire.

Setting specific 90-day achievable goals, keeps you focused and motivated and allows you to adapt to changing circumstances, track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your long-term plans.

We're making an impact. Time for some client love!

Taking 6 &7 figure businesses from
stressed to seamless. Imagine going...

from this...

You feel like your business is holding you back, everything feels chaotic and your team heavily relies on you because everything is in your head.

to this...

Balance in life and business

from this...

You are stuck in the weeds, a lot of aspects of the business are still manual and software you do have doesn’t alleviate workload as it should.

to this...

Renewed love for what you do

from this...

Your systems, processes and procedures are in your head – nothing is formulated and everything is bespoke each time you do it.

to this...


from this...

You are amazing at what you do, but you just need more time to focus on the most valuable tasks rather than getting bogged down in admin.

to this...

Hitting your financial goals

from this...

You could increase profitability by onboarding more clients, but the process of bringing them into your business takes too long.

to this...

Living in your zone of genius and loving it!

You're in-demand! Your schedule is packed and you're living the dream...

But what’s it REALLY
like behind the scenes?


Strategy and clarity,
that's where it all starts

What has got you here will not get you to where you want to go next in your business journey, which is why you need clarity and then a strategy on the next steps. Whether you are looking to increase profitability through streamlining existing processes, investigating new ways to better serve your clients or want support to successfully launch a new offering or service I am here to help.

My team and I can handle everything from the smallest implementation of automated software right through to project managing high-profile celebrity launches.