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Launch Project


Launching a new service or product is a great way of diversifying and growing your income. However, launches require A LOT of work. And, let’s be real, a great deal of that work will not be tasks that you enjoy or that are within your team’s zone of genius.

When you bring us in, we take away all of the headaches of your upcoming launch. Our plug-in operations team of experts will manage the whole process including the creative, content, technical and marketing elements. Knowing that we have a handle on everything in the backend, you can concentrate on the aspects of the launch that require your expertise, face and voice. 

We’ll make the whole launch process enjoyable and seamless, so that you can focus on attracting your high-ticket clients.

Our launch management service has saved our clients 100s of hours, providing recurring revenue streams for many high-profile female founders. 

Mel Schiling book launch with founder of the Mears Collective Siobhan Mears

This is for visionary entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to add a new revenue-generating vertical to your business
  • Are looking to diversify their income streams with projects that run smoothly
  • Don’t have time to work on areas of a launch that don’t require their face or voice
  • Need an expert plug-in ops team to take care of the backend of the launch so that they can focus on other projects
  • Are looking to save valuable hours to onboard more clients and hit their financial goals
  • Want to maximise their profits from their upcoming launch 

Transformation looks like:

  • Let us take the reins with our complete project management service, so you can sit back and relax as we handle every aspect of your launch from start to finish
  • Save valuable hours as we operate in our zone of genius to take care of everything in the backend
  • Leave the days of stressful launches behind you giving you passion and clarity to see the bigger picture to explore new avenues for your brand, that you previously didn’t have time to do
  • We’ll build your platform for you, giving your launch a rock-solid foundation
  • Our plug-in operations team will create marketing assets to so that your online presence is strong and visible
  • With our launch strategy, your launch will make waves online, raising your presence and attracting your high-ticket clients
  • With our expert team taking care of everything in the back end, you’ll have time to focus on the parts of your business that bring you joy, excitement and greater impact. No more stressing about the nitty-gritty details

Launch Project

The need to knows:


2.5 hours Launch Strategy session (online via Zoom) and 4-month project. (Includes 2 month from lift-off to launch and 2 month post launch support)

PRICE: £7000 + VAT

Payment plan available: 4 monthly instalments of £1,750 + VAT for the 4-month project

  • Full Project Management from lift-off to launch
  • Upload, schedule and action all task management in the Project Management tool
  • Building any required launch platforms
  • Designing all graphics, content and marketing materials
  • Landing page creation with specialist copywriting
  • Lead magnet design (if required)
  • Creating sales funnel and high-converting email sequence
  • Design modules and create workbooks
  • Create and implement social media strategy, copy-write all captions, create graphics and schedule to platforms
  • 2 months post-launch support with the tech team via slack for tech troubleshooting
  • Monthly 45-minute 1-1 consultancy calls for the project duration

“Siobhan exudes calm & excellence. Without hesitation I happily recommend Siobhan & The Mears Collective to help your business scale and move to the next level. From systems & tech, to promotion & launching; Siobhan and her team are experts in a myriad of intricate elements that are distinct but have to come together for high performance & impact.”

Karina Rook | CEO & Founder of Ventures Green Ltd.


Our comprehensive Launch Project service removes the stress and complications involved in launching a new product, service, or programme by providing expert assistance with creative, content, technical, and marketing elements. With our complete project management, we ensure a smooth and professional launch, empowering you to create a new revenue-generating vertical for your business that your audience will love.

Launch Project