Mother vs Leader

As a Business Leader with the additional role as a Mother, we are usually equally if not more passionate about making our businesses a success once we have children. There are often the drivers to succeed, such as to be able to see our children more. There are usually financial goals, sometimes as the sole provider. Or to prove to ourselves and naysayers that we can make a successful living outside of the corporate world. But most of all, it is to be an inspirational and positive role model for our children. To show them that anything is possible.

But there is always a juggle between managing business and carving out personal time to see friends and family, for self-care and to have some balance.

As a Mother in business, this is compounded by the need to be present as a mother. Often the lead or sole carer in the family, the children’s needs usually come first. We try to ensure that their needs are met, before we take some stolen time for our second baby – our business.

The dynamics change when our business gets busier, and we edge towards the success that we had hoped for. Time with our loved ones is compromised.

We are fully booked, working at the crack of dawn; when the baby naps, late into the night or on weekends.

The feeling of Mum guilt creeps in. Surely it is not why we signed up as Entrepreneurs? But to be present parents, not chained to the 9-5 regime.

Overwhelm, missed moments, guilt, tiredness and burnout are a result.

But I want to tell you that you CAN have it all.

I experienced all of these things at one time in my business, as I set up my business initially when my first child was five months old and on maternity leave. I then scaled my business further with my second pregnancy and a newborn baby.

But to do this, I knew that to give my whole self to my business and my family (and dare I say, to myself!) something had to change.

I want to share with you my insights and what changes I made, to make a success of my business without compromising my time as a Mother of two children under 4 years of age.


Ask yourself are you ready to take your business seriously and not just a hobby or for pocket change around your children? Mindset is everything and it means that we are fully committed to investing in ourselves and our businesses to make them the success that we deserve. Here is a guide to meditation for busy Mums that you may find helpful:


This is a funny one, as a lot of women that set up their businesses to spend time with their babies seem to think that you can run a successful business solely during stolen moments at naptime or in the night. To be honest here, yes this can be done in the start-up phase when you are building a business, but when you want to take it to the next level and start meeting clients and showing up as your true professional self, this is unsustainable. It results purely in us feeling torn, playing with the baby or grabbing an hour on the laptop and no mother wants to feel that guilt of not being present.

I recommend organising regular childcare that works for you (au pair, nursery, grandparent or friend) for a certain number of hours per week will enable you to focus properly on your business and in turn on your child when you are with them. You are still able to see more of your child, just in a more balanced way.

It means that you can also give your clients the dedication and focus that your work for them deserves.

Time blocking.

Get ALL of your commitments in your online calendar with reminder notifications on. You can start with all of your family time, then put in your dedicated business time, the time that you will focus solely on your business. I would suggest also putting in some time for self-care. Can you put in even 10 minutes for meditation or a quick run? It will help ensure that your days are at optimum productivity, and you can visually see where your time is spent each day.

Invest in yourself.

Take yourself seriously, believe in yourself, know that you are worth investing in. No matter how big or small the amount, invest in yourself. It could be having a website created, investing in a training course to upskill, or a coach to guide you. Often mothers are so used to putting their needs last, but you ARE worth it.

Ask for help.

Look for someone to help you with the tasks you struggle with. If these tasks take you hours or days to complete, it is just not the best use of your time. This time could be spent elsewhere in your business or help you buy back some of that precious time with your family. It will help you regain some balance in your life, avoiding overwhelm and the burden of trying to do it ALL.

If you would like our support to regain balance in your life, we at The Mears Collective are passionate about helping women just like you buy back time in their lives.

If you have any questions, get in touch here. I would love to hear from you!